How can we improve the private driver app experience ?

I’ve been using private driver apps for almost two years. My first experience with this technology was in New York City at the beginning of 2012 with Uber. I was with 3 other friends and in downtown Manhattan, close to Wall Street. We’ve been walking all day long and wanted […]

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Interview with Daniel Yang – Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc (3)

Last part of my interview with Daniel Yang, friend and Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc. You can read the first part here and the second part here. The last part of the interview broaches insights on how to get into the UX field as a beginner. Question 8 : For someone […]

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Interview with Daniel Yang – Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc (2)

Second part of my interview with Daniel Yang, friend and Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc. If you missed the first part of the interview, you can read it here. Part 2 – Daniel Yang & UX Design Question 4 : How do you find inspiration in UX ? Do you go […]

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Interview with Daniel Yang – Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc (1)

This summer, at the end of my internship at ZocDoc,  I interviewed Daniel Yang, friend and Senior UX Designer at ZocDoc. Here is the first part of the interview. Enjoy! Part 1 – Questions about User Experience Design at ZocDoc Question 1 : What did you do before Zocdoc? Question […]

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Usability Testing – How to do it?

Recently, I had the chance to help to organize and assist in usability testings at ZocDoc. It was for me a fantastic experience and I’d like to share it. What is a usability testing? The first thing to bear in mind about Usability testing is that it’s not a focus […]

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Social Media Is Changing Customer Service

Customer Service is not anymore the same than our parents dealt with. Social Media dramatically changed the way brands need to interact with customers. Follow the path or die. Here is a bad customer service experience I recently experienced an awful experience with a customer service for a booking flight […]

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The Start Up Genome Project

What makes startups succeed or fail? Why 90% of startup fail? Why some become Google and most die? There’s a lot a books which have been trying to explain why a startup becomes successful. But, unfortunately, it’s almost never based on data, it is based on experience. Experience is a […]

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Write That Name : How to manage your adress book

I just wanted to focus on an application really useful that I really like. The product is called Write That Name, and developed by Kwaga, a French startup. Kwaga’s engine is  based on a text mining technology. The principle is quite simple : as soon as you receive an email, […]

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L’art du pitch, par Marc Rougier (fondateur de

Marc Rougier nous présente ici les éléments clefs pour bien réussir son premier pitch pour présenter sa start-up. Désolé si la caméra bouge un peu au début, le tout a été filmé à bout de bras ;). Enregistrement réalisé lors de la 2nd Edition du Start Up Week End de […]

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Silicon Valley Trip : Last Episode

I needed to end my Silicon Trip with a special post. These days there had really good fallout on the way I see life. Do you know what really decided me to join this journey ? This article, in ReadWrite Web France, written by Axelle Tessandier. I read it at the […]

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